About Me

Cuba was my homeland which I left at the age of ten due to the wake of the Cuban Revolution. My family and I had to leave our beloved country to go to Spain, and eventually made our way to the United States a few years later. We settled in the Washington DC area where I have been ever since. In my mid-twenties my Cuban roots flourished as I smoked my very first cigar, an Arturo Fuentes 858, which took me back to one of my favorites childhood memories when my father took me to a baseball game in Havana. While sitting down, I looked around and could see the crowd smoking their cigars, I can vividly recall that distinct aroma I will never forget. Ever since that day, and 35 years later, my passion has been, and continues to be, to introduce friends and family to the world of cigars. I’m a current member of the Cigar Rights of America as well as a Certify Tobacconist.  It’s been a voyage trying almost any cigar from the shelves of different tobacco stores in this country. Whether from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Cuban, Honduran, Philippines etc., I like to put them to the test to find how they smoke, flavor, and aroma. In my blog I will try to bring you a little history, and a brief description about the cigar. I would not go without saying that today I feel one of the luckiest man in the world when friends, and family specially my children and wife can still enjoy a cigar together. Cuba is in my blood, great taste for cigars is in my soul, therefore, my motto is “Life is a journey take along a good cigar”.