A place in El Paraiso, Honduras

Camp Camacho, the heart of where BUILD BOLD is born. Located just outside the city of Danli approximately 60 miles south east of the Capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  Camp Camacho was built by Oettinger Davidoff who purchased the Camacho brand and factory from the Eiroa family in 2008. This four-day, three night tour involved everything that has to do with hands-on Camacho Cigars. This was not only an educational trip, but also a collective experience that one can only get by spending time when visiting the tobacco fields (La Finca la Merced), the stunning factory, and of course the cigar tasting session given by Manuel Batista, General Director of Camacho Cigars for Central America in Danli, Honduras. With his knowledge and experience in the tobacco industry Batista has able to oversee and manage the everyday business of the factory.

This new facility is divided into two areas that include the guest house, and the Camacho production factory. Both facilities are adjacent to each other. The guest house contains 11 rooms along with 13 bathrooms. It delivers all the comforts that a guest house can provide including large picture windows, a very bright open area concept living/dining room, open bar, a large full-service kitchen and an outdoor sitting area where one can enjoy your morning coffee along with a Camacho cigar of your choice.

Exterior of residence and outdoor sitting
Interior of residence

On the first night one will experience a Cigar Tasting Seminar given by no other than Manuel Batista.  One will eventually understand more about the cigars by putting it to the test and following some of the categories such as: External impression before lighting a cigar: one can evaluate the Wrapper/Construction/Color/ and Taste(cold). General impression after kindling: how does it light up, the draw, strength, taste, etc. General impression of smoking: the aftertaste, aroma, flavor notes, etc. Furthermore, one will learn the anatomy of the cigar plant including what leaves are used where in a cigar. Also, you will learn the parts of the cigar as well as the three components of the cigar.

Cigar Tasting Seminar

The most incredible thing a cigar smoker can experience is going to a cigar farm and seeing the farm in action. The trip to La Finca La Merced offered all of that. La Finca La Merced is located in Valle de Jamastan southeast of Honduras, approximately 41 Kilometers from the border of North of Nicaragua. “In the high season La Finca (the farm) usually has 150-160 people working in the fields… La Finca usually grows Criollo 98, Corojo 99, and Corojo (original), and currently working on Honduran Connecticut” explained Manuel Batista. As I walked and looked around La Finca I couldn’t stop thinking, this is where it all starts: THE MAKING OF A CAMACHO CIGAR. The tobacco nursery is where I had a hands-on opportunity to transfer a couple of tobacco baby leaves into their tray to grow strong for 55 days before going to the field.  I got to experience all 81 acres of tobacco field as far as you can see, the tractors, the curing barns and most importantly the hard-working people that made it happen. It was all there!

Nursery and full grown tobacco
Tobacco leave string together for curing process

The next day was a tour of the Camacho Factory. The whole facility area is around 450.000 square feet.  It is divided into three buildings: The Shop, Cafeteria (can hold up to 300 hundred people), and the Main Building  that is divided into many rooms, for example: The warehouse, a fermentation room, a cold room, another large rooms for prep operation such as; separation of the tobacco center vein, receiving and separating the tobacco from boxes coming from the fields, sorting of the leaves, selecting of blends, and among other rooms. There is the second floor where one can find the administration offices, and also bright large room filled with 300 cigars rollers.  It’s fascinating to be in this room to watch a master cigar roller at work. One has to appreciate their devotion, and technique that goes into the making of a cigar. “…In overall the Camacho

factory is a complete cigar operation” …said Patricia the Master Blender for Camacho Cigars who has been working for Camacho for 24 years. I had an opportunity to meet and talk to Patricia during my tour and although she seems very pleasant lady I’m sure she has her work cut out for her. Did I mentioned already that you are giving an opportunity to roll a cigar? Yes, you do!

Cigar stripping machines (removing center vein) Sorting the tobacco/Cigar rollers

During my 4 day tour I had the pleasure of being side by side with Manuel Batista, I also had an opportunity interviewing him for my Cigar Blog as well asking him a few questions during the tour. I asked if Camacho is working on any new project he responded, “Yes, there are future projects, it is in the works, but I cannot reveal it” said Batista. I truly can’t wait to see what Camacho Cigars will come out with next!

Manuel Batista and Myself

In final words, I must say the 4 day tour experience was filled with “Live Loud” and “Build Bold” voyage. I would like to thank the Camp Camacho staff for their awesome hospitality, as well as the Camp Camacho team Manual Batista, Lynn Hawkins, George Rami, and Scott Kolesaire for taking their time in putting the Camp Camacho tour together. You guys are great!

George Rame, Myself and Manuel Batista

“Camp Camacho is a cigar journey like no other. We’ve dialed up every aspect of what Camp Camacho was in the past, focusing on the unique experiences we can bring cigar aficionados and adventure lovers from across the globe. Camp Camacho is an experience that not only grows your appreciation for premium cigars, it is also a platform that forges life-long friendships – once you’ve been to Camp Camacho, you become part of the brotherhood forever. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating adventure for anyone that is passionate about cigars,” said Dylan Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Davidoff of Geneva USA in a press released.

I welcome you to visit Camp Camacho website to learn more about their cigars at: https://us.davidoffgeneva.com/camacho

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