Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole 2019

As a cigar connoisseur I have always enjoyed Alex Bradley’s cigars such as the American, Black Market, Nica Puro, Prensado, etc. However, Alan Rubin the founder of the company has returned once again for his sixth straight year bringing back the Black-Market Filthy Hooligan in which he is only releasing 2000 boxes. This cigar is presented in a green and black box containing 22 cigars.  This is a St. Patrick’s Day annual Limited Edition. Also adding to this collection is the Limited Shamrock Edition. This unique cigar also goes by the name of the barber pole cigar due to the intertwined leaf wraps. The Limited Shamrock Edition is presented in a grey box with a large shamrock on the top of the lid containing 10 cigars.

Alex Bradley Filthy Hooligan

Alex Bradley Filthy Hooligan

Wrapper: Candela (Honduras), Nicaraguan                                                               

Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra                                                                

Filler: Panamanian, Honduran

Size: 6” x 50

Strength: Mild-Medium

Size: Toro

Description of the cigar: The Alex Bradley Filthy Hooligan (AKA) The Barber Pole has noticeably two involvedly wrappers: Candela and Jalapa. It comes with two bands; one band is large green with a smokie border showing a barber pole with the cigar name on top along with a banner running across with the name of Alex Bradley. The second band comes in a smokie color with the words Black Market. Once lit: The beginning starts with some early pepper, and a few minutes into it you will notice some grassy notes showing up due to the Candela wrapper. Following minutes later some coffee, and sweetness will kick in. The cigar draws very well, and my ash still on through. During my final first third, the Candela is burning at this point and grassy notes are showing up.

Image of the Filthy Hooligan (Toro).

Entering into the second third my ash has dropped. By now I’m getting a combination of roast coffee, earthy and grassy notes. I have retrohale a few times during my smoke, and I have been getting a clear mix of some pepper and more grassy notes.

On the last third my cigars still maintaining a consistent smoke. The earthy and grassy notes are still around.  At this point I had to remove my band to make room to finish enjoying my Filthy Hooligan Toro. I managed to smoke it until the last 2” of the stick.

Last third of my cigar.

I invite you to grab one for yourself. I had a lot fun smoking this cigar. For sure I will be having another one come St Patrick’s Day. It’s the cigar for the right occasion. Plus, I’ll be celebrating my mom’s 82nd birthday on the same day. 

I welcome you to go and visit Alec Bradley’s website to learn more about their tobacco history at