Camacho Connecticut Cigar (Toro)


 “Boldness meets Balance”

Camacho Cigars was founded by Simon Camacho in 1961, who was originally from Cuba. He began his cigar business in Miami, Florida, where his cigars soon gained a significant reputation in the United States, and history was made. From the early beginnings, the factory in Miami flourished quickly and became well-known in the cigar industry thanks to the experience he gained in his homeland, Cuba. Since Simon Camacho’s death, Camacho Cigars have become a member of the Swiss Oettinger David Group. In 1995 the Eiroa family acquired the company. Today Camacho Cigars offer a variety of sizes and styles using the best blends that are grown in the richest soils of Honduras.

Camacho Cigars
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Honduran, Dominican Republic
Size: 6” x 50
Strength: Medium

Description of the cigar: From my humidor today, I chose the Camacho Connecticut Toro. When you think Camacho one can only think that rich flavor with powerful aroma; however, in this case you will get the opposite. This beautiful appearance of Connecticut shade wrapper is a mellow smoke along with a smooth, creamy body with a little of sweetness to it, with Lijero tobacco.  So . . . let’s light it up! Once lit this cigar starts very medium body blend with nutty, slightly sweet earth, and a touch of pepper. Not too overwhelming with a nice white ash. There are three phases of this cigar.

First third – it burns very well, still keeping the same consistency note, and with a nice aroma, due to the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Corojo binder, and a perfect blend of Honduran and Dominican long fillers. The ash still holds on to my cigar.

Burn of the Camacho Connecticut (Toro) cigar

Second third – halfway through, my cigar shifts to deep sweet earthy note with little pepper that will continue all the way to the final third. The ash from my cigar still refusing to let go.


Final third – the smoke remains smooth and creamy leaving some of the pepper behind. Even though the ash was still hanging on, I had to let go of it to remove the cigar band and continue the smoke. Consequently the new developed ash managed to stay on as well. Overall a very satisfying cigar till the end, which delivered a nice and straight burn.

Final burn of Camacho Connecticut

Camacho Connecticut is a medium – bodied cigar, and I would recommend it at any time of the day. Enjoy!