Cornelius & Anthony “Señor Esugars”(Toro)


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Steve Bailey, and his son Nick Bailey September 2018 at the Cornelius & Anthony tobacco farm in Keysville, VA. I understand where the passion to make Señor Esugars came from. After five generations one could feel the family care and desire for the tobacco farm to grow their finest, and after a century and a half they have done just that.

Steve Bailey, myself, and Nick Bailey

Señor Esugars was a mission of the heart from Steve Bailey’s three years in the making at La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua named after Steven’s pet Dachshund (aka Oscar). This addition to the Cornelius family line is one that impressed me tremendously,  specially the strength of the cigar. I have kept my cigar in the humidor for quite some time now, and has aged quite well. 

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres)

Binder: USA

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 6″ x 50

Strength: Full

Description of the cigar: This stunning cigar is well made in construction as it comes with two bands. One being their Cornelius & Anthony band, and the second in black representing the cigar’s name Señor Esugars. Once lit a noticeable sweetness appears from the wrapper. The first third, the cigar opens up well with a few notes  of black pepper, sweet, earthy, and raspberry. After a few minutes the strong bit of black pepper will disappear.

Burn of Señor Esugars (Toro) cigar

As my cigar takes over the second third I can feel some woody notes, mix of earth, and a small hint of pepper. However, on my retrohale I must say that you will still feel some of the earthiness note along with a good amount of pepper.

As I continue smoking the last third, my cigar still gave me a combination of sweet earthiness, wood notes, and more of the black pepper. I really enjoyed “Señor Esugars” to the end.                                            

Final burn of Señor Esugars (Toro) cigar

Like many cigars of this strength I would definitely recommend having a meal beforehand in order to prepare your palate for this cigar.  

I also welcome you to go to Cornelius & Anthony’s website to learn more about Steve A. Bailey’s unique family tobacco history at:

 “Sometimes the road to a great cigar is the road less traveled”    

                                     Steve Anthony Bailey